If you want to see your electricity MEPCO Bill Online, you can easily access it on our website without any charge. You can also check all the details like your bill payment, used units, last date, and even the full bill details. You can also download a copy of your bill, even it also allows you to download the print to deposit your bill.

Check Bill Online

یہاں بل چیک کریں۔

MEPCO Bill Online

To check the MEPCO bill online, you have to provide your reference number in the box. If you’ve forgotten your reference number, you can check it by providing your Customer ID. Thus, the details of your MEPCO electricity bill will appear. However, if you don’t know where to find the reference number and customer ID, please check the highlighted box in the below image.

یہاں بل چیک کریں۔


you can check : MEPCO Bill Calculator.

MEPCO Bill Online

If you want to know your previous paid electricity bills, visit the MEPCO old bill for that. If you need the MEPCO online bill app, you can download it from the Google Play Store and other app stores that are applicable for devices.


MEPCO stands for Multan Electricity Power Company. MEPCO is one of the electricity power companies responsible for providing electricity to the nearby residential, agricultural, and commercial areas. MEPCO is a public electricity power company incorporated in 1998. If you are from the nearby areas of Lahore, you can check your bill from Lesco bill.

Areas Under MEPCO

MEPCO has the responsibility to supply electricity in the following areas.

Dera Ghazi KhanLodhranLayyah
Rahim Yar KhanKhanewalSahiwal
VehariShadan LundMuzaffargarh
BahawalnagarKot AdduTaunsa Sharif
Fort MunroRajanpurTribal Areas of Koh E Sulaiman
Basti MalukMoreMore
Areas Under MEPCO
Areas Under MEPCO

If you belong to the areas mentioned above and want to check your electricity bill (Bijli Bill), then you are at the right place. Provide your reference number or customer ID in the search box. In a few seconds, your bill will appear on your screen.

The citizens of Multan can also check their electricity bills here. If you are looking for the official site of MEPCO, you should visit www mepco pk.

MEPCO Bill Online Information

As the bill appears on your screen, you can check your current month’s payable bill amount that you have to pay with the due date. You can also check the meter reading date and consumed units on your meter. Exactly below the payable bill, you will see the amount of extra charges that will be counted only when you do not deposit your bill by the due date. You can also see the records of the previous 12 months’ bills. 

MEPCO Peak Hours

MEPCO also recommends the public to reduce electricity usage during certain hours. During these hours, the electrical consumption becomes more expensive, and the speed of unit consumption accelerates. Using less electricity during these hours not only conserves energy but also assists in maintaining the electricity supply to specific areas.

December to February                                             5 hours between 5 pm to 9 pm
March to May                                                                 5 hours between  6 pm to 10 pm
June to August                                                               5 hours between 7 pm to 11 pm
September to November                                                5 hours between 6 pm to 10 pm
MEPCO Peak Hours

How to Check Your MEPCO Bill Online?

You can check your MEPCO bill through our site, but you have to provide your reference number or customer ID. Follow these guidelines

  • Go to the above search boxes.
  • In the reference box, enter your reference number to access your bill details.
  • If you don’t have a reference number, you can still check your bill by providing a consumer ID.
  • If you want to check all the details, then click on the “Full bill” option, and it will appear.

You cannot check your MEPCO bill online by your phone number or ID card. This website is responsible for providing your online MEPCO bill online, and it is easy to use. If you are a resident of KPK, then you can check your online bill from Pesco Bill.

Extension in Due Date Of MEPCO Bill

Sometimes, the due date passes, and people cannot deposit the due amount. There might be different reasons, such as sometimes they receive late bills, or not having the funds to pay the bill due date. In this condition, there is a little favor for them through which they can extend the due date. Follow the instructions to find out the number of days you can get an extension.

3 Days Extension for Over 10 Thousand Bill

If your bill exceeds 10 thousand and you cannot afford to pay it by the due date, then you can request a 3-day extension by contacting the Assistant Manager Officer.

3 Days Extension for Over 25 Thousand Bill

If your bill amount is above 25 thousand rupees and you want an extension on the due date then you have to approach the Deputy Manager Officer. He can extend your due date for 3 more days.

5 Days Extension For Over 2 Lakh Rupees Bill

If your bill exceeds 2 lakh rupees then the Billing Manager can only give you a 5 days extension.

On the other, only a Chief Executive Officer has the authority to extend the due dates above 5 days in some necessary cases.

MEPCO Bill Online SMS Alert

If you are a busy person and you forgot to pay your electricity bills by the due dates, then you can activate an SMS alert which can inform you of the bill amount and due date. To avail of this service, simply send a text to 8334 with the ‘pitc<space> reference number.

New Line Connection and Transfer Procedure

If you are not sure about a new connection or transfer procedure, then please follow the provided information.

  • Application: To apply for a new connection, you need to write an application to MEPCO. You can submit this application in two ways. The first way is by visiting the MEPCO customer center service. Another option is to submit an application online through the official website.
  • Feasibility Study: After receiving your application, the MEPCO will conduct a practical assessment, including financial, technical, and environmental conditions. This procedure may take several days to a week.
  • Payment: After a feasibility study, MEPCO will provide you with the cost of a new connection. You will need to pay a specific amount, which covers charges, security, and meter installation fees.
  • Analysis: After receiving payment, the MEPCO team will conduct a necessary analysis of the area to ensure its suitability for the connection.
  • Meter Installation: After analysis, they will install a meter and set up a new connection. They will connect your wire with the grid’s electricity lines. It may take time as it depends on the resources. They will also include the safety of the area and checking the availability of the electric lines.

After meter installation, you will have access to electricity but remember to pay the bill on time to continue the service.

Register and Track Complaints

If you note the difference between the meter reading and the bill, then you can submit a complaint in two ways. One is through visiting a nearby MEPCO office, and another one is submitting an online complaint through their website.

MEPCO Online Complaint Registration

The addition of online complaints in the management system is a plus point for the improvement. You can submit your complaint at any time on their website, and you will get a sudden response from their desk team. You must include all the necessary information in the complaint. Follow the steps to submit your complaint.

  • Click on this link CCMS Link.
  • Create your account.
  • After logging in, enter your reference number or register phone number to verify yourself.
  • After this, your connection details will appear there.
  • Write your complaint with detail in the complaint section and tap on the submit button.

MEPCO Complaint Track

To see your complaint status in the system panel, follow these steps.

  • Just click on the complaint tracking button and provide your reference number to track your complaint.
  • Next, click on the search button, and your complaint status will display on the screen.

After submission, your complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours, and they will start the initial process. Usually, action is taken within one or two days, but they provide a maximum of 14 days to resolve the issue.

MEPCO Bill Instalment Procedure

If you are facing an inflation crisis or in a condition where the bill amount is exceptionally high, and you are not sure how to pay the MEPCO bill in instalments. You don’t need to be worried as MEPCO offers little favor to tackle such situations.

The increase in prices of oil and other major resources is the main cause of the increase in electricity prices. Therefore, the poor community has to suffer more in these situations. We are here to provide information on converting your bill into instalments. You can avail of the following instalments by approaching the following officers to facilitate the access.

3 Instalments for 10 Thousand Rupees Bill

You have to approach the Assistant manager operation to facilitate this offer if your bill is up to 10 thousand. You can also get in touch with him if your connection is disconnected and you are not paying the 20 thousand rupees bill.

3 Instalments for More Than 1 Lakh Bill

You have to approach the Deputy manager officer to facilitate this offer if your bill exceeds 2 lakh rupees. You can also stay in touch with him if your electricity connection has disconnected for not paying the bill of 100000 rupees.

4 Instalments for More Than 5 Lakh Bill

You need to approach Manager’s operation to facilitate this offer of 4 instalments in billing if your bill exceeds 2 lakh rupees. You can also stay in touch with him if your electricity connection is disconnected and you are not paying the bill of 5 lakh rupees.

12 Instalments For More Than 10 Lakh Rupees

You can approach the Chief engineer to facilitate the access of 12 instalments over 1000000 rupees bill. If your connection is disconnected for not paying the bill of 1000000 rupees, then for activating the connection, you have to pay the bill in 6 instalments.

In rare cases, you need to approach the Chief executive officer to resolve the issue.

Verify MEPCO Bill Paid or Not

MEPCO is providing electricity to billions of people, and it also facilitates them to pay their bills online. However, you can also verify your bill in different ways. Here are the steps to verify that your bill is paid or not.

  1. Online Portal: if you have created your account on the official website of MEPCO. Visit your account, and there you can check your online bill payment status.\
  2. Text SMS: Send a text message with the Customer ID on the specific number officially provided by MEPCO. They will inform you via SMS whether your bill is paid or not.
  3. Customer Service: Another option you have is to contact the customer services helpline. They will give you your consumer ID, and then they will inform you about your payment status.
  4. Mobile App: If you are using the MEPCO mobile app on your phone. You need to log in to your account, and there, you can access the payment status at any time.

But before taking any step, you need to make sure that you are doing it through the official source.

MEPCO Bill Online Payments Methods

Paying MEPCO bills online is a convenient approach. It is time-saving, and it allows you to pay your electricity bills from anywhere, no matter if you are out of the city. Although MEPCO has not released its online billing source, other apps have launched this feature, such as Easypaisa, Jazzcash, and more.

To avail of the online bill payment facility, you must have the required amount in your accounts. Here are some online MEPCO billing methods.

Via Online Banking

Here is the method to pay your bills through online banking.

  • Open your Bank account application.
  • Search the option of “Paybill” in your bank app.
  • Select the MEPCO out of all billers.
  • Enter your bill consumer number and the amount you want to pay.
  • Don’t forget to check your information twice before confirmation.
  • After double checking, click on the confirm payment.
  • You will get a confirmation notification after the transaction.

Via Easypaisa

Almost everyone has installed the Easypaisa app on their mobile, so it is the easiest method to pay bills online. Follow the steps to pay the bills.

  • Open your Easypaisa app.
  • You will see a “Bill Payment” option in front of the screen. Click on that.
  • Next, it will show different bill types, but you will select “Electricity”.
  • Now, various companies’ lists will appear, and tap on MEPCO.
  • Provide your reference number, or you can scan our reference number.
  • Now click on the “Pay” button.

In this method, you can pay your bill in just a few seconds.

Via Jazzcash

JazzCash is also widely used for transactions and different facilities like Easypaisa. You can also pay your electricity bill via Jazzcash, and you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the JazzCash app on your mobile phone.
  • You will see the ‘Utility Bills” option on the interface of the app. Just tap on it.
  • There will be various bill types, such as Gas, Water, and Internet, but select the “Electricity” bill type.
  • Now, a list of electricity service providers will appear, and you will select “MEPCO”.
  • provide a reference number in the provided box.
  • Enter the amount of your bill.
  • Now, tap on the “Pay” option.

It is the most straightforward method to pay electricity bills via mobile app.

Via Daraz Wallet

Now, you can pay your bills via daraz wallet. For this purpose, your Daraz wallet must have the required amount. You can recharge your Daraz wallet through a bank card, and the bill payment process is almost similar to other apps.

Follow the steps to pay your electricity bills via the app, which is made for online shopping.

  • Open the Daraz app on your smartphone.
  • Create your account and add a wallet.
  • Recharge your wallet via bank card.
  • Navigate the “Bill Payment” option in the Daraz app.
  • Select the electricity bill and then select MEPCO.
  • Enter your reference number.
  • Choose “Daraz Wallet” as your payment option.
  • Click on the “Pay” button, and the payment will be deducted from your Daraz wallet.

These are all the easiest bill payment methods that you can use easily from anywhere in just a few seconds.

Taxes in MEPCO Bills

You usually see the list of taxes on your bill. Here is the list and their details.


FPA means Fuel Price Adjustment. FPA taxes belong to the rental power companies that use crude oil to generate electricity. It is often added to MEPCO bills and taxes whenever there comes a fluctuation in oil prices.

TR Surcharge

TR means Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. It signifies the difference between electricity rates set by NEPRA and the tariff set by the Government (GOF).

  • If the difference is positive, it means the tariff is lower, and the GOP pays it as a “Subsidy” to balance the cost.
  • However, if the difference is negative, then it indicates that the NEPRA tariff is lower. So, the Distribution Company covers the gap by paying the amount to the GOP as an “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR)”.

FC Surcharge

FC Surcharge means Financing Cost. The official decided to charge 43 paisa tax per unit to secure the repayments of depth owned by Power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Bills

The official gives you the choice to pay the amount of the deferred bill in the same month or later. However, it does not include any extra charges, but it will be added to the total amount of the next bill.

Tips to Reduce Bill

  1. Unplug Devices: Many plugins use electricity even when they are not connected to devices. So always remember to unplug devices such as chargers and other appliances. Plugged-in devices often use energy, which is called phantom energy. Please don’t waste it without any use.
  2. Replace Old Bulb with Energy Savers: Energy savers use less energy as compared to old bulbs. They are also long-lasting.
  3. Use Low Energy Consuming Appliances: When purchasing appliances, always select those appliances that are energy efficient.
  4. Use Natural Lights: Always use natural light during the daytime by keeping your windows open so you don’t need to switch on lights.
  5. Insulate Your Home: Insulate your home to reduce the usage of heaters and AC during winter and summer.
  6. Avoid Peak Hours: Remember that energy consumed during peak hours is very highly rated. So, during these hours, try to minimize the use of electricity.
  7. Dry Clothes Naturally: Try to dry your clothes by hanging them in sunlight instead of using the dryer.
Tips to Reduce Bill
Tips to Reduce Bill


What is bill adjustment?

Bill Adjustment means a reduction in charges in a provider’s bill, or it could be any other alternation in the provider’s bill.

What are sanctioned loads and connected loads?

Sanctioned load or connected load is the total supply of electricity provided to a meter.

How can you conserve electricity and reduce your bill amount?

These are some tips to reduce the usage of electricity. Remove plugins if you are not using them, dry your clothes naturally, avoid peak hours, wash your clothes by hand, and turn off your lights when you are going out.


MEPCO online bills platform provides its customers with an easy and smooth experience to check their electricity bills online by providing their reference numbers or consumer IDs. Users can easily check full details of electricity bills, total payments, old paid bills, meter readings, and last date through this platform. MEPCO online bill platform also provides all the information related to Customer care services, new connections, fee charges, and all about the extension in due dates. The interface of the MEPCO online platform is also user-friendly, which enhances the overall consumer experience. It offers convenient online billing management that simplifies the process for users to manage their electricity bills effectively.