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MEPCO is an electricity-providing company in Multan that is responsible for providing electricity to the people of South Punjab. MEPCO not only provides electricity but also manages all the issues of electricity. It is providing electricity to all the districts of Multan and their 13 million population. MEPCO launched multiple advanced systems with the growth of technology for the ease of its customers. In 2013, MEPCO MIS was launched for online billing and now they have made many improvements in it. In this article, we will discover all about the MEPCO system and more.

What is MEPCO MIS?

MEPCO MIS is a well-organized online practical and web portal system that manages all the issues of customers. This system of electricity company is managed by a skilled staff. This system stores all the information of its consumers including monthly consumed units, pending recovery payment, payment, charges, complaints, faults, bill correction, new applications, bill history, e

MEPCO Online Management System

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It ensures 24/7 availability through the Internet. Users can check anything about their bill history and payments. Users can pay bills through online banking, debit/credit card, and Easypaisa/JazzCash.

How to access MIS MEPCO?

If you are a MEPCO electricity consumer and you want to check your monthly units, bill history, or any other thing related to your electricity then follow the given steps.

  1. First, visit the official MEPCO Online MIS website.
  2. First of all, go to the official website of MEPCO Online MIS.
  3. There will be an employee corner on the top right bar on the official site
  4. Click on it, and you’ll be led to the MEPCO Online MIS page.
  5. You will see the username and password submission bar there. You need to input the necessary information there.
  6. Finally, you will be logged in.

How Does MIS System Work?

MIS system enables consumers to get access to the management team effortlessly. This system assists its consumers without any delay. We have already mentioned the process of logging into MIS which is very easy.

There is a team behind every system of MEPCO that is organized to work on specific tasks. There is a team of authorized employees whose task is to manage the data of consumers. There is also an admin team which is responsible for keeping the system easy and in good shape. Another task of the admin team is to update the consumer data regularly so that no one can misuse the information of others.

Consumers can easily contact the customer service of this system. They don’t need to go to the MEPCO office or any other location. They just need to approach the customer service anytime. It represents the Multan Electric Power Company Management Information System.

Features of MIS

The MIS system has multiple features which are designed for the convenience of consumers. These are the following features of MIS.

Billing Detail

This feature of MIS helps its users to get information about their billing details. They can check the paid and unpaid bills, extra charges, etc.

Account Information

Users can edit and check their account information through this feature.

Complaint Management System

A complaint management system is mainly made to track the complaints of consumers for fast action.

MEPCO Web-Portal Access

MEPCO Web portal is used for multiple purposes.

Online Payments

The online payments feature is made for the ease of consumers. If they are away from the home and cannot pay the bill through a franchise etc then they can easily pay through an online payment system.

24/7 Support

MEPCO provides 24/7 support to its consumers. They can efficiently contact the support and discuss the issues.

All these features are effective for the convenience of consumers and assist them in any case.


The portal of MIS is a main and more advanced feature of MEPCO which is made for the ease of the consumers. Consumers can easily use this app from the Play Store and they don’t need to visit the website to pay bills, check details, or complain about issues and queries. They can do all this on this app with easy navigation.

MEPCO app makes the connection between consumer and customer easy and time-saving. Consumers can pay their bills every month in a few minutes by using this app. Consumers can even resist in case of dismissal of electricity connection for late billing or unpaying. Overall, this app is user-friendly and enhances the consumers’ experience.


What does MEPCO MIS Stand for?

It stands for Multan Electric Power Company Management Information System. It is an organized online network that provides multiple features to consumers.

How can I Access the MEPCO Management Information System?

The consumer can access it through the official website of MEPCO Online MIS or from the portal of their app.

What services does the MEPCO Management Information Online System Offer?

The MIS system provides various features including online billing, consuming units, 24/7 support, complaint management, and account information.

Can customers access the management system of MIS?

No, customers are not allowed to access the management system of MIS. It is only accessible to the employees.


MEPCO MIS is a short name for Multan Electricity Power Company Management Information System. The main purpose of this system is to build an effortless and convenient connection between customers and support. A consumer can easily get their personal billing information, consuming units, and history as well. This MIS customer system enhanced its growth over time and provided multiple features. One of the system’s crowning achievements is its user-friendly online app portal, which truly sets it apart from the rest.

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